Mouse and shortcuts


  • cmd+n/ctl+n: Create a new scenario
  • cmd+o/ctl+o: Open a scenario file
  • cmd+s/ctl+s: Save scenario to disk
  • cmd+shift+s/ctl+shift+s:* Save scenario to disk as a new file
  • cmd+p/ctl+p: Print scenario
  • cmd+e/ctl+e: toggling Device explorer panel


  • cmd++/ctl++: Horizontaly zoom in
  • cmd+-/ctl+-: Horizontaly zoom out
  • cmd+click & drag/ctl+click & drag: Create object on the timeline

mousewheel: Horizontaly zoom in/out


  • cmd+click & drag/ctl+click & drag: free handwritting of automation curve

Device explorer

  • cmd+click/ctl+click: clikcing the interpolation checkbox while holding the cmd/ctl key down activate recording of incoming parameter’s value

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