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3. First elements of interactivity

Hello, In this third tutorial about i-score, we will start exploring the interactive possibilities available to the score author. There are two main ways to have temporal interactivity : Conditions Interactive triggering A condition means that a part of the

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4. Interactive triggering with i-score

Hello, and welcome to this fourth tutorial about i-score. In this tutorial, we will study how to write interactive triggers in i-score. It is directly following the previous tutorial which was about interactive conditions. Triggers are a way to specify

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5. Recording external parameters with i-score

i-score allows recording the evolution of external parameters in time. In this tutorial, we will see : How to set-up a PureData patch that will send data to i-score. The various modes of recording. How to select and record parameters.

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Process overview : Loop

Presentation The loop is somewhat similar to the scenario. It is a process that allows to loop other processes. However no new structures can be created or removed in it. It is built of : A first time node, event,

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Controlling Metabots with i-score

This article explains how to control the Metabot robots with i-score. The goal is to create a full interactive robot choreography. The Metabots are small, open-source, 3D-printable robots built in France by Rhoban. They can be bought in 1.

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