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Process overview : Loop

Presentation The loop is somewhat similar to the scenario. It is a process that allows to loop other processes. However no new structures can be created or removed in it. It is built of : A first sync, event, and

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Process overview : Scenario

Presentation The scenario process is the heart of score, its raison d’être. It allows to sequence the various objects presented before in a non-linear timeline. When opening score for the first time, the blank document is a root Time interval,

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Process overview : Mapping

Presentation The mapping process allows to map  input parameters to output parameters in real-time. It is a simple transfer function. It is based on a curve, just like the automation. However, it is a time-independent process : instead of mapping

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Process overview : Interpolation

Presentation The interpolation is very similar to the automation. It sends a set of values over time, given by a curve, and it is green instead of red. However, instead of sending values that graphically looks like the curve, it

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Process overview : Automation

Presentation The automation is a central process in score. It is a curve that represents the variation of the value of an address in time, bounded between a minimum and a maximum, with an optional unit. It also allows tweening

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