Scientific publications

i-score is based on more than 20 years of research at LaBRI.
(See i-score’s family tree at the end of this page for details)

Here are articles that were published in various conferences, as well as Ph. D dissertations whose subject was in relation with i-score:


  • Authoring and automatic verification of interactive multimedia scores, By J.Arias et al. In Journal of New Music Research.
  • Graphical Temporal Structured Programming for Interactive Music, By JM. Celerier et al. @ICMC2016
  • Rethinking the audio workstation: tree-based sequencing with i-score and the LibAudioStream, By JM. Celerier et al. @SMC2016
  • Automatic Construction of Interactive Machine Improvisation Scenarios from Audio Recordings, By J. Arias et al. @MUME2016
  • Présentation d’un formalisme graphique pour l’écriture de scénarios interactifs, By T. de la Hogue et al. @JIM2016
  • Outils d’écriture spatiale pour les partitions interactives, by JM. Celerier et al. @JIM2016


  • Sémantique Formelle et Vérification Automatique de Scénarios Hiérarchiques Multimédia avec des Choix Interactifs, Ph. D thesis, J. Arias.
  • Le séquenceur interactif multimédia i-score, by J. Arias et al. @JDEV2015
  • Foundations for Reliable and Flexible Interactive Multimedia Scores, by J. Arias et al. @MCM2015
  • Exploiting Parallelism in FPGAs for the Real-Time Interpretation of Interactive Multimedia Score, by J. Arias et al. @JIM2015
  • A Framework for Composition, Verification and Real-Time Performance of Multimedia Interactive Scenarios, by J. Arias et al. @ACSD2015
  • OSSIA : Towards a unified interface for scoring time and interaction, by JM. Celerier et al. @TENOR2015


  • Modelling Data Processing for Interactive Scores Using Coloured Petri Nets, by J. Arias et al. @ACSD2014
  • Executing Hierarchical Interactive Scores in ReactiveML, by J. Arias et al. @JIM2014
  • OSSIA : Open Scenario System for Interactive Applications, (FR) by T. de la Hogue et al. @JIM2014
  • i-score, an Interactive Sequencer for the Intermedia Arts by P. Baltazar et al. @ICMC2014


  • An Extension of Interactive Scores for Multimedia Scenarios with Temporal Relations for Micro and Macro Controls, by M. Toro-Bermudez et al. @SMC2012


  • Real-Time Temporal Control of Musical Processes, by R.Marczak et al. @NMEDIA11


  • A Model for Interactive Scores with Temporal Constraints and Conditional Branching, by M. Toro-Bermudez et al. @JIM2010
  • Concurrent Constraint Conditional Branching Interactive Scores, by M. Toro-Bermudez et al. @SMC2010
  • Virage, designing an interactive intermedia sequencer from users requirements and theoretical background, by A. Allombert et al., @ICMC 2010 – long version


  • Virage : une réflexion pluridisciplinaire autour du temps dans la création numérique, by P. Baltazar et al., @JIM 2009
    NB : Virage is a intermedia sequencer. It can be considered as a prototype from which i-score has been inspired.
  • Aspects temporels d’un système de partitions musicales interactives pour la composition et l’exécution, by A. Allombert PhD. Thesis – Abstract


  • A system for writing interaction, by A. Allombert et al. @DIMEA2008
  • A system of Interactive Scores based on qualitative and quantitative temporal constraints, by A. Allombert et al. @Artech2008
  • De Boxes à IScore : vers une écriture de l’interaction, by A. Allombert et al. (in French), published at JIM 2008


  • A system of interactive scores based on Petri nets, by A. Allombert et al. @SMC07


  • Concurrent Constraints Models for Interactive Scores, by A. Allombert et al. @SMC06
  • A Model for specifying temporal relations between interactive and static events, by M. Desainte-Catherine et al. @Journal of New Music Research


  • Specification of Temporal Relations Between Interactive Events, by M. Desainte-Catherine et al. @SMC04
  • Boxes, un logiciel pour la composition musicale combinant modèle spectral, structures hiérarchiques et constraintes, by A. Beurivé (in French)

i-score’s family tree graph :

Héritage i-score 1.0


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